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San Pablo City - Coco Festival

The Coconut Festival Street Dancing is a competition among schools within San Pablo City. The competition is divided in three divisions: Elementary, Secondary and the College Divisions. During the early festivals, costumes were 90% made from coconut trees. But later on, it was decided that costumes may not be much from coconut. Also, music used in the early festivals is different. It is more on a tribal beat. Some of the used music/songs in the street dancing were: "Follow the Leader" in 1998; "Da Coconut Nut" in 2000-2002 and some remix songs. But for the past years until now, San Pablo City Coconut Festival street dancing is using "Mabuhay ang San Pablo" (Long live the city) song.!San-Pablo-City-Coco-Festival/zoom/c23jc/imagee7f

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