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This is Strobist - Dustin Diaz

This image was inspired by Dustin Diaz I was fan of his creativeness and compositions, I've done several practice and applications based on the set up I saw from his flickr account all I can say it was very informative and cool.

Dustin Diaz's 365 Project. And while this is certainly not the first of its kind to come down the pike, Dustin has inserted a couple of twists that make his project right up our alley.Get your One-A-Day shot, inside.Light and SteadyFirst of all,

Dustin is using much of his photo marathon to explore what he can do with flash. And while that sounds all laudable and romantic and stuff, I can tell you from experience that there is nothing like a long-term project to expose your "camera expertise" as nothing more than a bag of tricks -- and a shallow bag of tricks at that.At least that's been my experience when doing long-term projects. Which is exactly why you do them, of course -- to grow, practice, discover your limits and then expand them out of sheer necessity.But Dustin has added another Strobist-friendly aspect to his daily grind: Lighting diagrams for many of his photos. That's right, not only is he shooting a lit photo a day, but he is also spelling out his techniques for anyone following along.

Here are Dustin's Flickr account by browsing all his images you will see the lighting set up how he take the photos:

Below link to download This is Strobist Info Tutorials:

Strobist Trade Secret Vol.1 free download:

Photo By: Richard Viray

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