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Learn the Basics of Photography

Are you interested to learn photography? want to know the basics and fundamentals of Photography? I will introduce you a site that will help you understand the basics of photography.

On this website: you will find the lists of tutorials and topics that will give you better understanding in photography:

Basics: Of how your camera works

  • Understanding Digital < Understanding Camera Exposure (Aperture, ISO & Shutter Speed)

  • Understanding Camera Metering

  • Understanding Dept of Field

  • Understanding Camera Lenses: Focal Length & Aperture

  • Understanding White Balance

  • Understanding Camera Autofocus

There are plenty of topics and tutorials you will also find on this website such as Qualities of Digital Photos, concepts & Terminology, Using Camera Equipment, Editing & Post Processing, Color Management & Printing.I hope upon reading and viewing this website you will learn atleast the basics of the Art Photography


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